The Lindenhill Cow Herd is currently around 65 females, while small in number by many standards it is rigidly selected for all economically important aspects of beef production including the ones that don’t have EPD’s like disposition, and marketability.  If we don’t like being around a female and she doesn’t raise something we can market for seed stock and do it consistently she finds a new home.  Below are a few of our most influential cow families.

Lindenhill Angel Z41G


  • Many times on the ASA Silver Dam Listing, few cows in any breed can match her production record or EPD’s
  • Currently Recording 14 prodigy in the ASA Registry with an Average Weaning Ratio of 113
  • We have embryos by DJF Rolen 5002R



  • This cow is a Powerhouse she was purchased with Russ Mitchell of M&S Salers in the Trails End Salers Dispersal and described by David as a once in a lifetime.  Her 2009 calf was the Champion Individual ADG winner and anchor of the Champion ADG Sire Group at the 2010 Midland Bull Test.  Her 2011 Heifer calf was a featured lot and high seller at the Ladies Nite 7 Sale
  • Co-Owned with M&S Salers, Houstonia, MO

JGK Marla 128K


  • Another powerful cow added to the herd in the Kreibel Dispersal.  She is the dam of the weaning and Yearling Weight Trait Leaders, JGK Jasper 634R, as well as many other outstanding prodigy.
  • Co-Owned with Tavener Farms, Sedalia, MO

Lindenhill Leona 111L


  • A great example of our “Bullet” D10 Black Force 616F daughters.  She is nearly flawless in all ways and a great example of what we think a beef cow should be.