Herd Sires

Each year we sample some of each of the breeds proven Sires through the use of AI.  We also use many of our own young bulls for cleanup.  This allows us to bring in some outside blood and provide some diversity to our pedigrees and at the same time keep our genetics consistent in type.  Below are a few of the most influential Sires in use.

Lindenhill TNT 753T

Birth Date 12/27/2007 :: Ratio 115 / 125 Contemporaries
DM Conversion 5.6/1 Ratio 111 / 99 Contemporaries :: Off Test Weight 1455

81 645 -1.42 18.9 3.83 .34 4.64 42cm 6.4
            Ratio 112    


  • Top 1% of the breed for weaning and yearling weight
  • Top 3% of the breed for docility
  • Top 7% for carcass weight
  • Top 22% for marbling
  • He was the High Indexing and Lowest RFI Salers bull at GSBT 2009 as well as being the second high seller over all breeds.
    5 sons averaged $4660 in the Silver Spur Salers sale in the spring of 2012 including their high seller.
  • The top 2 selling Salers bull of our 2012 Sale were TNT sons.
    Sire of the Second Lowest RFI Bull at the GSBT Station Winter 2011
    His dam has been one of our most consistent producers of not only high performance but marketable cattle
  • He is being used successfully on heifers, His sons will add performance, muscle, length and thickness while moderating frame and mature weight.
  • His excellent disposition is bred generations deep and
  • He has a great cow family behind him including 3 Silver Dams
  • His Great Grand Dam remained in the herd till she was 20 years old
  • Watch for TNT’s influence in our bull and female sales for many years to come
  • Co-Owned with Justin Dikoff, Faulkton, SD

D On Star 557R


  • ASA Scrotal Circumference Trait Leader
  • Our Selection from the Dikoff 2006 Bull Sale where he was a popular featured lot
  • His dam is an ASA Silver Dam and Consistent Producer of Marketable Prodigy
  • We use him to add Thickness, Muscle, and Awesome Dispositions
    Black and Homozygous Polled
  • Co-Owned with Dikoff Ranch, Onaka, SD

D10 Black Force 616F “Bullet”


  • I can’t imagine our program without the influence of this bull.  We have used him and so many sons and grandsons over the years.  Watch for his influence in our pedigrees to add Dimension, Disposition, Fleshing Ability, and Perfect Udders.  In addition he might be the best “Grass Genetics” bull we have ever used!
  • Black and Homozygous Polled
  • Co-Owned with Dikoff Ranch, Onaka, SD

Matrix Cow with Bullet Calf

Lindenhill's Matrix


  • Matrix Cow Bullet Calf Picture
  • At 17 Years of age this bulls influence is still felt today through his awesome daughters.  Even by todays EPD standards he is impressive.
  • Red with a light Scur